Organic Spa Moisture control


50gm | 95% Organic

light, balancing, purifying

Perfect for oily and combination skin, this light hydrating lotion helps restore your skin’s moisture balance without clogging the pores.

The key active ingredient, Bentonite Clay, helps purify and unclog the pores, while locally sourced Lemon Myrtle Oil is antibacterial and antiseptic. Plus, we’ve added Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil as the perfect balancing oil as it’s close to the skin’s natural sebum.

This balancing lotion has a fresh, natural citrus aroma perfect for oily and oily/combination skin. It also works flawlessly to control excess sebum experienced with chance breakouts. So, even if you use a more hydrating daily moisturiser like day moisture or intense moisture, you can swap these for moisture control when your skin feels oiler or more congested.

A smooth and light cream that leaves your skin feeling bright and without residue. Discover our natural daily moisturiser made here in Australia. 


Skin: oily, combination