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discover your skin's story


Imagine being able to go beneath the surface of your skin and understand what it truly needs.  Observ320 empowers you to reveal the best version of your skin. Using cutting-edge skin analysis technology, Observ320 provides an in-depth and interactive analysis of your skin’s needs and identifies any skin concerns through the five detailed modes of skin analysis – daylight, texture, pigmentation, redness and firmness.


Step One
High quality images are taken to provide you with essential insight into your skin, bringing to attention your unique skin type, as well as  any potential concerns. We then embark on a journey to discover your skin profiling, using the five detailed skin scanner analysis models: Daylight, texture, pigmentation, redness and firmness.

Step Two
This step involves an in-depth analysis and consult regarding your skin features and any visible skin-related concerns the process has brought to light. We also clarify your skin goals and priorities, ensuring they are specifically tailored to your skin’s needs.


Step Three
Using the before and after images, we create an effective treatment plan, specifically personalised for you. The images also allow you to keep track of your treatment results and define new goals for your skin, along the way.


Step Four
Together, using the up-to-date information from your skin reports, we will establish a new and personalised skin care regime, one that ensures healthy-looking skin that stands the test of time.


Our HydroLUX hydrodermabrasion treatment offers a painless facial experience, with no side effects or post treatment downtime. Able to treat a wide range of skin conditions, the HydroLUX offers ten levels of adjustable vacuum and flow, which can be adapted to specifically suit your skin type.


With its high powered vacuum suction, the HydroLUX offers a range of benefits for your skin, including:

  • Improved skin tone, texture and colour
  • Faster skin cell renewal
  • Reduced visible skin imperfections
  • Cleared congestion, blackheads and minimised pores
  • Smooth and even skin tone
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Minimised fine lines and wrinkles