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Affordable Beauty

Where beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune!


“Every woman should be able to afford to feel beautiful without the expensive price tag”

This was my motto when I created Affordable Beauty. Offering treatments as well as products at a price that everybody could afford was important to me as a woman and as a mother. The friendly, comfortable and relaxing environment is also appreciated by my clients with no mid town traffic or the trouble of trying to find a park and with the ability to offer after hours services, it is not comforts that you would find with a regular beauty salon.

Now at 2 great locations, we are offering our full treatment list but also now offering infared sauna and floatation pods (floatation pods only available in Goonellabah)


Imagine being able to go beneath the surface of your skin and understand what it truly needs. Observ320 empowers you to reveal the best version of your skin. Using cutting-edge skin analysis technology, Observ320 provides an in-depth and interactive analysis of your skin’s needs. More Info

Our HydroLUX hydrodermabrasion treatment is a luxurious and transformative experience designed to unveil your skin’s natural beauty. Say goodbye to dullness, uneven texture, and signs of aging as you embark on a journey towards a more luminous complexion.
More Info

Our Infrared Sauna creates a cardiovascular workout on the body while removing heavy metals and toxins, and benefits enjoyed include reduced pain and stress, better sleep and muscle recovery, and improved weight and energy. More Info

Deep relaxation is achieved by allowing your body the freedom to float weightlessly in a concentrated salt solution in a specially designed light proof and sound proof pod. The positive effects of floatation can last for several days. More Info